DepartmentTeam NameTeam Description
Algorithms, Computation, Image and GeometryABCMachine Learning and Computational Biology
ADAGIOApplying Discrete Algorithms to Genomics and Imagery
PIXEL (ex-ALICE)Computer Graphics
CARAMBACryptology, Arithmetic: Hardware and Software
GAMBLEGeometric Algorithms and Models Beyond the Linear and Euclidean Realm
MAGRITVisual Augmentation of Complex Environments
MFXMatter From Graphics
Formal methodsMOCQUATheoretical Adverse Computations and Safety
CARBONEIn construction
DEDALEDevelopment of specifications
MOSEL-VERIDISProof-oriented development of computer-based systems
PESTOCombining Approaches for the Security of Infinite state of Systems
TYPESLogic, Proof Theory & Programming
Networks, systems and servicesRESIST (ex-MADYNES)Management of Dynamic Networks and Services
SIMBIOTDesign and validation of “smart” Cyber-Physical systems
OPTIMISTOperation Research for Complex and Hybrid Decision System
COASTService and Cooperation
Natural Language Processing & Knowledge DiscoveryCELLOComputational Epistemic Logic in LOrraine
K TeamData Science, Knowledge, Reasoning and Engineering
MULTISPEECHAnalysis, Perception and automatic recognition of speech
ORPAILLEURKnowledge Discovery guided by Domain Knowledge (KDDK)
READRecognition of writing and analysis of documents
SMarTStatistical Machine Translation & Speech Modelization and Text
SEMAGRAMMELinear Logic, Proof-nets and Categorial Grammars
SYNALP                               Natural Language Processing: representation, inference, and semantics
Complex systems and artificial intelligenceCAPSIDComputational Algorithms for Protein Structures and Interactions
BISCUITComputational Neuroscience
KIWIKnowledge, Information and Web Intelligence
LARSENLifelong Autonomy and interaction skills for Robots in a Sensing ENvironment
NEURORHYTHMSAnalysis and modeling of neural systems by a system neuroscience approach

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